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About us

We are also distributors for one of the country’s leading manufacturers of adaptors and stock the largest range of hydraulics adaptors in the South West.

Swifts also offer hydraulic ram refurbishment much of which is carried out in-house and backed up by our vast range of seals.

We also have access to a large range of hydraulic pumps, motors and valves both original equipment and replacement including Bosch, Casapa and Vickers to name but a few.

Swifts also undertakes the design, construction and commissioning of hydraulic power packs and valve systems as well as fault finding and rectification in current systems.

With our desire to give an ever better service to both industry and agriculture we are now committed to expanding our stock of air products such as compressors, air fittings and valves.

Swifts can also undertake the design, installation and commissioning of compressed air systems as well as fault rectification.

Swifts is an independent business, dedicated to offering a better service to you the customer.

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